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Our Mission

Build Better Banking

For decades, banking has been defined – and confined – by its core banking software systems. With challengers emerging from all corners, it’s time for a new definition of core banking software and what banks are capable of.

Core banking software must be open, not closed. It must be real-time, not batch. It must be 24/7, not 9 to 5. It must be consumer-driven, not vendor-driven.

The same team that created the first real-time core systems that powered the Internet banking revolution is back to redefine the core and build better banking.

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Frank Sanches
Mike Sanchez
Debbie Kovacs
Jim Joyce
Dan McKinney
Dylan Phillips

"The time has come for community banks to no longer remain hostage to the product set of their core processor. Frank and Michael Sanchez have a plan to recreate the "app store" for banking. The days of dependency on 30-year-old code and poor customer service are soon to be over. Next gen cloud based technologies connected to Finxact's "headless core processor" will enable American ingenuity and capitalism to emerge which will allow all banks a choice of fully integrated products and services elegantly delivered digitally across all channels!"

James S. (Chip) Mahan III, Chairman CEO of Live Oak Banking Company, Co-founder and director of nCino, Former CEO Chairman S1 Corporation and founder Security First Network Bank, former chairman and CEO Cardinal Bancshares.

"With Finxact ‘s Open Core API we were able to implement our retail banking module for MobiBranch in 3 days saving us anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Finxact’s Core as a Service is so efficient we are now easily implementing Finxact’s 'Bank in a Box' to complete our Virtual Branch solution."

Tia Lee, CEO of TRG Mobilearth Inc.

"Frank Sanchez and the Finxact team are moving the basic building blocks in financial services forward.  Redesigning the core system is key to every bank's processing needs by reducing costs and friction. Adding on to applications will only go so far. However, rearranging the ledger empowers the whole value chain. I've seen Frank do this before, so I’m excited to see the impact of Finxact help banks this time!"

Arkadi Kuhlmann, Zenbanx CEO & SoFi President, Banking, former CEO ING Direct

"I have been working with Frank and Mike Sanchez for over twenty years as they pioneered financial services. When they say they will do something, they do it. Now, they are better positioned than ever to deliver on Finxact."

Admiral R.J. "Zap" Zlatoper, USN (Ret.), Former Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, former Co-Chairman and CEO of Sanchez Computer Associates, and current Trustee for the Estate of James Campbell

"Nobody knows the concept of real-time banking like Frank and Mike."

Alex "Pete" Hart, Chairman, VeriFone Systems, Inc., Former; Chairman SVB Financial Group, director Fair Isaac Corp., director Sanchez Computing, CEO of Advent Corporation, and CEO MasterCard International

"From commanding the Eisenhower Battle Group in Operation Desert Shield to working with Veterans to secure home loans at NewDay, the key to success is working with people of the highest integrity and ability to execute. Finxact’s team, led by Frank Sanchez is just such a team. They’ve been there, done that, and will do that again. "

Thomas Lynch, Executive Chairman of the Board, NewDay USA, Former SVP of The Staubach Company, SVP Safeguard Scientifics, Retired Rear Admiral US Navy and Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy.

"The OAI and its growing board of members is excited to welcome Finxact to the workgroup. Finxact will be the first core banking provider to officially embrace our workgroup's mission of openness, transparency and interoperability. Finxact and its partners are making groundbreaking contributions that will enable banks and FinTech companies to interoperate freely and transparently using the Open API Specification (OAS) as the enabler for their interactions."

Ole Lensmar, Chairman of the Open API Initiative, Chief Technology Officer of SmartBear Software
Innovation is

At Our Core

The Finxact Core is the first enterprise class core cloud banking solution to use an open banking industry API in the public cloud making it a “core as a service”. Our modern core banking architecture provides near-infinite scalability, cost efficiencies, and agile access to cutting-edge, third-party FinTech services – all while taking the worry out of data security and compliance for retail banks, commercial banks, and credit unions looking to innovate and drive value.



The Finxact Core redefines real-time for an always-on world, allowing instant access to all available funds, transactions and information as it happens – globally. Life is real-time, all the time, so keep your customers running in real-time with a core that operates in real-time, ALL the Time.


The Finxact Core is built on the leading cloud computing platforms for superior security and scalability. Finxact’s security schema helps keep data even more secure while the platform provides near-infinite scale with the cost efficiencies that come from a modern shared infrastructure.


The Finxact Core is built in collaboration with the banking industry’s latest SOA standards and open APIs. Finxact’s RESTful API belongs to the industry, not Finxact, meaning that you will interoperate with a rapidly growing community of FinTech services and you are never captive to just one vendor.


Finxact and its customers are not burdened with a legacy, so our core is built with one goal: give banks back their core. With a fresh approach, you can rethink your bank. Whether you want to be fully digital, partly batch, or optimize traditional banking, our core works for you.


Finxact offers simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, for a worry-free, customer-friendly experience. You will always have secure access to your data, allowing you to do what you want with your data on your time.

Delivery Matters

Track Our Progress

In collaboration with our early customers, Finxact is iteratively developing and delivering releases of minimally required features (MVP) for implementation of the Finxact core as a service. In the first half of 2018 customers can implement Finxact’s full core banking solution either in total, or incrementally – for customers who wish to phase-in the Finxact core as a service.

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$12M of seed financing from industry pioneers and partners

Finxact grows its team of core banking veterans and Fintech developers

First Customer Kickoff

First Customer Kickoff

Savings / Time Deposits

Customer-plus module

MVP Third Party Mobile and Online Integration

Multi-Channel Transaction Processing

First Half
First Half
MVP Release 1

Commercial / Retail DDA

Stops, Holds, Restrictions

Positive Pay

Check Processing

Overdraft Processing

Investment Sweeps

Debit Card Management

Orders, ACH, Wire, Inter/Intra, 1X-Recurring

Business Rules Engine

GA V1.0
First Half
First Half
GA V1.0 Launch

Loan Billing

Payment Application (loans)

Lines of Credit

Credit Bureau

Pre-Integrated Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Statements, Check Processing, Mobile/Online, Payments

Future Roadmap
2018 &
2018 &
Future Roadmap

Mortgages, Escrow, Billing

Restructured Loans

Collections Support

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If you believe in open, cost-efficient, modern banking systems – join us and our community of like-minded banks and ecosystem partners. If you want banking to be bank-driven and not vendor-constrained, join us and Love Your Core.

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