In much the same way that Salesforce redefined CRM with its “No Software” approach, Finxact is doing the same for financial services. Finxact is changing the way Core Banking is developed, packaged, deployed, and consumed.  Salesforce, AWS, iTunes and others disrupted the status quo with a new platform that introduced new economics and a new way of doing business.  Finxact’s new approach provides the banking industry with a new way of doing business, and a new economic curve to scale and transform.

Core Focused

We generate revenue through core processing services. We do not intend to build a business by charging our customers for customizations, or data access, or API integrations. We expend 100% of our resources to be the best core processing service, and zero resources on ancillary functionality which will always be provided by our best of breed ecosystem partners

Customer Value Focused

We believe Finxact will provide you with overwhelming value. If we fall short, you should be able to cancel in a narrow window and without penalty. Because of our technical competitive advantages, we do not intend to charge up-front fees for using our service (other than T&M if you want our configuration assistance). Our revenue is tied entirely to the use of our platform and to your growth. The more we grow together, the more your price is reduced. We also support your innovation by not intending to charge for connectivity or access to data.


We believe scalability needs to align with your business needs. Alignment comes from 1) Elasticity in our platform from the smallest test to the largest Tier 1 volume. 2) Elasticity of commercial terms meaning cost/price economies of scale, and terms that support your change in directions, and not locking our customers in. 3) Functional Elasticity meaning rapid introduction of new Fintech partners and bank products - on demand and without disruption.

Open Access

We intend to always provide customers with 100% data and core accessibility to our entire Core as a Service. We do not intend to monetize this openness by charging customers or partners or access or connectivity (in-house or third party). Our business model is focused on being the best system of record, and enabling the rapid growth of our customers and partners.