Core Banking is Cool – In the Cloud

“Core Banking” is the underlying transaction systems and data records that underpin everything a bank and its customers do. Most banks use core banking software that is decades old. We know, because our team built and managed some of the most widely used solutions. In the United States alone, the industry spends billions to license, run, modify, and maintain these systems.

It’s a known fact that the cloud is cool – not because it enables the shiniest services like Uber, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube – but because it’s the most scalable, cost effective, agile technology platform the world has ever seen. Which is why banks have started moving their operations into the cloud.

Banks are spending billions every year on decade old core banking solutions that were designed at a time most people got onto the Internet through AOL. These systems never contemplated Venmoing someone and paying for coffee with your watch. Today’s digital world requires an all-the-time, any device, digital cloud based core banking solution.

Joining Finxact is an opportunity to help free banks from the constraints of their core systems and in collaboration with our banking partners, rethink banking for the new digital world, from the core out.


As Our Team Grows, We Add More Perks

Our culture supports the growth of our employees who support the growth of our customers. We innovate, we win, and we learn. And we have fun while working hard together.

Our wages and benefits reflect the high caliber of our team. Some (not all) of our other perks include;

  • Health: Medical, vision, dental
  • Financial: Equity participation, 401K eligibility, and others
  • Work-Life: Generous vacation, sick time, maternity, and holidays
  • Location: Finxact offers remote opportunities outside of Jacksonville, but why not work in paradise?
  • Flip flops optional: Except when meeting customers unless they are wearing sandals

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