The “Virtual Core” Banking System

Some people call Finxact’s core as a service “headless”. We call it The Virtual Core.  The Virtual Core is focused solely on core bank processing functions and the system of record.  As a Virtual Core, Finxact exposes a granular set of business objects, services, rules and data elements with transparent and open APIs. Finxact uniquely gives banks the ultimate choice, empowering banks to construct the products, services, and markets they choose without being encumbered by vendors.


The Finxact Core As A Service is agnostic to time, currency, underlying infrastructure, channel, or device. Finxact’s banking customers and partners have the freedom to choose their unique customer’s experiences – efficiently, at any scale. 

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The public cloud/private data Core-as-a-Service platform with a completely open banking API

Anytime, Anywhere

Real-Time Banking

The Finxact Core redefines real-time for an always on, all digital world, allowing instant 360 degree access to all available funds, transactions and information as it happens – globally. Life is real-time, all the time, and so should your bank, starting with your core banking system.


Security Infrastructure

The Finxact Core is built on the leading cloud computing platforms for superior security and scalability. Finxact’s security schema helps keep data even more secure while the platform provides near-infinite scale with the cost efficiencies that come from a modern shared infrastructure.


Open Core Systems

The Finxact Core is built in collaboration with the banking industry’s latest SOA standards and open APIs. Finxact’s RESTful API belongs to the industry, not Finxact, meaning that you will interoperate with a rapidly growing community of FinTech services and you are never captive to just one vendor.


Fresh Innovation

Finxact and its customers are not burdened with a legacy, so our core is built with one goal: give banks back their core. With a fresh approach, you can rethink your bank. Whether you want to be fully digital, partly batch, or optimize traditional banking, our core works for you.


Transparent Operations

Finxact offers simple, transparent pricing with no hidden fees, for a worry-free, customer-friendly experience. You will always have secure access to your data, allowing you to do what you want with your data on your time.

Join Us

Let’s Redefine the Core Together

If you believe in open, cost-efficient, modern banking systems – join us and our community of like-minded banks and ecosystem partners. If you want banking to be bank-driven and not vendor-constrained, join us and Love Your Core.

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