The Modern Core

Celent estimates 80% of banking IT budgets go to maintaining legacy systems. Modernizing the core and removing the complex systems put in place to compensate for outdated designs – will free banks.

Look under the covers of the shiny UX, and the API layers of nearly every core, and you will find a design initially created for a bygone banking era, modified for Internet banking, and unable to keep up without preventable time and resources.

Finxact was designed and created entirely fresh starting in 2017.  For Finxact, modern is not a veneer or modification but rather, an entirely new native cloud, API-first approach based on 35 years of core banking experience and inspired by best of breed native SaaS category kings like the App Store, AWS, Salesforce and others.


What if you could shift 80% of your budget from maintenance to growth

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Core of the Core

Made 100% Accessible

Finxact’s Core as a Service is a modern digital banking system of record (SOR) for secure record keeping and processing of rich transactions with the integrity of system, business, and regulatory rules. 100% of the SOR is accessible via APIs to banks and Finxact’s Ecosystem which provides banks with rapid integration of ancillary banking functionality.

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Model Driven Architecture

Model Driven Extensibility

Extensibility starts with Finxact’s JSON Schemas. 100% of Finxact’s schemas are available to banks and their partners to enhance, and re-use to create proprietary components, objects, data elements, and even APIs

Model Driven Development

Finxact’s novel development environment is available to banks and their partners to rapidly enhance their core and generate run-time code, APIs, and documentation, with version and intellectual property management.

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Servicing Screens

Core Servicing Platform

Create and modify customer information, and accounts. Create and process transactions such as transfers, back office deposits, Fee reversal, holds and restrictions etc.

LIVE Core Servicing Demonstration

Bank Architect

Rapidly create and modify bank deposit and loan products using Finxact’s templates and base configuration. Modify (or re-create) underlying product components like interest, fees, duration, and product behaviors to create unique products.

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Management Console

Modify your bank’s AWS instances including your operational environment, development, testing, and sandbox.

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Open Core API

Finxact is the first (and only) core vendor to join the Open API Initiative, embracing the Swagger 3.0 Specification utilized by thousands of companies . All Open CORE APIs implement Rest services. APIs are accessible with varying coarseness and at multiple layers in Finxact’s Core as a Service

High Layer: Core APIs

100% access to all application services such as Customer, Party, Transaction. Core APIs are higher level APIs than Model APIs

Low Layer: Model APIs

100% CRUD access (with security) to all persistent classes and objects (database layer).

Finxact’s Open Core API
System of Record

High Definition Transactions

The future of banking services depends on data. Finxact’s Transaction APIs provide the access and richness that will fuel how banks leverage their third parties, AI tools and big data stores.


Secure API access and Finxact’s Model Driven Design provide future-proofing extensibility for configuring, modifying, re-using, and creating proprietary components which drive proprietary bank innovation.

Security and Compliance

Finxact’s team has built and managed core banking systems for some of the largest global institutions. Regulatory compliance and security underpin the integrity of Finxact’s Core as a Service – and the company.

Banking Use Cases

Evolve Your Bank, Your Way

Horizontally and vertically elastic to meet the scale and function needed, from the largest conversions to the most narrowly scoped innovation initiatives and neo launches, makes Finxact’s Core as a Service the Growth Engine of your bank.


For banks that wish to convert off of their legacy core systems, the Finxact Core as a Service offers a low risk path to more agility and lower cost. Using Finxact’s Sandbox, a bank can create a fully operational test environment, complete with a bank’s functional data. For banks who need to begin innovating today however, Finxact recommends the Hybrid approach.

Digital-Only Initiative

For banks that are looking to acquire new customers now, and do not need to mix new customers with existing customers. These are De Novo banks and new brands or digital-only channels being launched by existing banks. Core as a Service is a low-cost, low-risk, fast-time-to-market way to lower the barrier to entry for new and existing banks to launch now.


A bank’s Digital-Only initiative provides a platform for acquiring new customers and iteratively testing and launching innovative customer experiences now. For banks that wish to convert their legacy core system, this innovation platform can be used for migrating legacy data. Banks can convert by migrating, at their own pace and on their own terms, while innovating in parallel.

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The Path to Agility

Finxact’s Path to Agility methodology, training tools, and templates are available to banks and their systems integration partners to reduce the risk and time for achieving demonstrable results.

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