Dan McKinney: Celebrate Freedom With Finxact
July 2017

“Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death”. These were Patrick Henry’s words on March 23, 1775 that inspired delegates including future presidents Thomas Jefferson and George Washington to activate troops for the Revolutionary War. This July 4th we celebrate independence and the liberty to be free.[…]


Dylan Phillips: The Heartbeat of Human Material Satisfaction
June 2017

Software Development is a funny career.  It is a mixture of Art, Science, Business and Team Dynamics.  But after a while you start to see patterns, patterns in systems reflected in software, society and nature.[…]


Dan McKinney: Humanizing Banking
June 2017

Data humanizes banking.  Nobody loves to track, budget, and reconcile – Ugh!  But people love to know they are on track, free to go about their lives, and safe from financial pitfalls.   This has always been the promise of Personal Finance Management (PFM) software.  Real time data from a digital core is the key to humanizing banking –  and in today’s digital, always on world, the promise of PFMs is in reach.[…]


Jim Joyce: Its Go Time For Core Banking In The Cloud
May 2017

My first job in FinTech was just awesome. It was at a young company called Sanchez Computer Associates and we were building the core banking system that would come to dominate the direct banking world. The technology was new and exciting and I couldn’t get enough of it. Our focus was on scale and performance and that turned out to be just what the market ordered. […]


Dan McKinney : The Culture To Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage
May 2017

At the heart of any company is its culture. I spent almost the last 20 years investing in technology startups and as a co-founder and managing partner of an early stage venture capital fund, I can say the single most important thing that correlates with a company’s success is its culture. Many people confuse the […]


Frank Sanchez : Welcome To Finxact
May 2017

On behalf of the founders of Finxact, I can announce with great enthusiasm and sense of purpose our collective commitment to design, build, deliver and operate a new core banking system. We intend to provide new features and new delivery options that support modern banking requirements such as continuously available transactional channels, multiple geographies and time zones, extremely high scalability and reliability, and banking functionality that simply cannot be obtained from any existing core system. […]