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Finxact is the first core banking provider to join the Open API Initiative and build upon The OpenAPI Specification, formerly known as the Swagger Specification.

We welcome Banks and Partners who want to create, scale, modernize, and monetize their existing and new banking solutions with open access to the most modern, and transparent core banking service available.

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Experience API Banking

The Finxact core as a service demonstration provides an isolated secure environment to interact directly with the Finxact core as a service. Create an account, make debit and credit transactions, and see the results. Upon request, Finxact will even help you connect your test environment end-points to transact using your preferred UX.

  • Observe behavior and content of the API itself
  • Evaluate banking functionality as it is released
  • First transactions include DDA debt/credit
  • Review the API documentation for future transactions and functionality
  • Test the integration of our development environment
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If you believe in open, cost-efficient, modern banking systems – join us and our community of like-minded banks and ecosystem partners. If you want banking to be bank-driven and not vendor-constrained, join us and Love Your Core.

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