Jim Joyce

My first job in FinTech was just awesome. It was at a young company called Sanchez Computer Associates and we were building the core banking system that would come to dominate the direct banking world. The technology was new and exciting and I couldn’t get enough of it. Our focus was on scale and performance and that turned out to be just what the market ordered. 

It is 24 years later and my new job in FinTech is just as awesome too. When Frank Sanchez asked me to join him at Finxact to build the next generation of core banking on a new technology stack I couldn’t imagine a better opportunity. The move to cloud computing has been swift but for some business verticals like banking, it is still in it’s infancy. We are working hard to change that.

At Finxact we’re building a new core from the ground up. Over the next few months I will share some of the details of the underpinnings, but for now I can tell you that the Go programming language is it’s centerpiece. Go is fast and simple and powerful. For such a young language it has already had a significant impact as the underlying technology in many of the containerization technologies that dominate the auto-scaling world today. I am confident that Go is a solid foundation for a secure and highly scalable core banking system and I hope you will follow along with us on this journey to prove it.