Finxact Marketplace Membership Program

The purpose of the Finxact Marketplace is to feature technology providers that offer compelling and complimentary solutions to core banking services. Finxact performs a very specific and complex position keeping function for our banks. We recognize that our customers require an expansive and diverse ecosystem of solutions to serve their customers. Through your participation in our Marketplace we hope to create a dynamic and vibrant community of best-in-class providers that are challenging the industry to envision the future of banking.

As described in the Membership Agreement, the Program allows for Participants to feature their solutions within the Marketplace. Each Participant will have a tile that features their logo or mark in accordance with their brand guidelines. As appropriate, a brief description (20 – 25 words) of the company or its solution may appear on the tile. Upon clicking on the tile, the site visitor will be directed to a dedicated Marketplace page that provides more detailed information on the company and its solution(s). Participants are invited to make marketing and sales collateral, whitepapers, POVs, and other thought leadership assets available on their dedicated page within the Marketplace.

Under the Program, and as described in the Membership Agreement, the Marketplace will include two levels of Membership, that of Participant and that of Integrated Solution Provider. At the Participant level, as described in the Membership Agreement, the benefits that accrue to the Member are limited to the visibility and promotion that come with being featured in the Marketplace. By including your company in the Marketplace, Finxact is attempting to signal to our customers and prospective customers that your value proposition deserves consideration, that we see synergies between our solutions, and that we are keen to work alongside you to ensure the bank’s success. At the Participant level, your membership in the Marketplace is not intended as any statement or attestation of integration with the Finxact Core, or Partnership with Finxact.

As described in the Membership Agreement, a second level of Marketplace Membership is contemplated for those Participants that wish to apply as an Integrated Solution Provider. All of the benefits that accrue at the Participant level will accrue to the Integrated Solution Provider, along with additional benefits and obligations, that would be detailed in a separate agreement from the Membership Agreement.


Marketplace Participants

Marketplace Participants must have a current Membership Agreement. Participant membership benefits include:

  • Ability to feature your solution in the Marketplace
  • Ability to post relevant sales or marketing material on your solutions Marketplace page
  • Opportunity for increased visibility with prospective customers via Marketplace interaction
  • Opportunity for engagement with other Marketplace Participants

Integrated Solution Providers

In addition to the benefits Marketplace Participants receive, Integrated Solution Providers may receive the following enhanced benefits:

  • Designation within the Marketplace as a provider that is currently consuming Finxact APIs in a production environment on behalf of one or more banks
  • Access to a Finxact DEV environment for testing purposes
  • Access to Finxact training materials
  • Access to Finxact documentation

Join Our Marketplace

Join the Finxact Marketplace and help us usher in a new era of innovation for banks of all sizes. We are looking for financial services and technology innovators to help us accelerate the future of banking.