Open  – Customer First – Value Driven – Quality


OPEN ACCESSIBILITY: Finxact’s Core as a Service is 100% accessible via deep and broad standard APIs meaning banks can freely create and integrate best-of-breed services without technical or commercial barriers. Finxact is not just openly accessible technically and functionally, but our DNA is to also be commercially flexible.


CUSTOMER FIRST: Unlike some vendors with many stakeholders and organizational inertia, Finxact has one single north star – our customer.  And our customer’s success is solely dependent on collaboration with our ecosystem partners. This starts with full transparency and dependability that our customers and partners can count on.


VALUE: Finxact’s focus on engineering excellence means delivering advanced innovation and product ingenuity aimed at driving 10X improvements in our customers’ most relevant metrics.  Engineering excellence comes from industry experience and leadership to design for current and future customer value however it is defined.



QUALITY: Is Finxact’s north star for ensuring mission critical stability while providing advanced functionality and compelling economics at any scale.  For Finxact, scalability is defined not just by volume, but also by elastic functionality.   Our high quality standards dictate each customer’s elastic functionality and economies of scale – at every scale.


It’s Time to Love Your Core




  • Our goal is that you Love Your Core.
  • Loving your core goes beyond a product. For Finxact, it means a partnership, understanding, and commitment to your success.
  • Loving Your Core is a way of doing business for Finxact, you, and your customers.
  • We are redefining what core processing is, how it is delivered, how it is consumed, and the value it drives for your bank – and for you.


“Order of Magnitude”

Finxact’s novel approach is our competitive advantage, which we pass along to our customers and partners so you might see 10X improvements in your most important business metrics.  Shift your budgets and your teams from “care and feeding” to growth and your future.

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Make Your Core Your New Growth Engine

If you want your core to drive your growth, and drive your future – if you want to love your core – join us – as a customer or a partner.

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