The Open Core API

Traditional core banking systems restrict access to just their user screens.  Some vendors are “modernizing” by providing an API Layer with limited access with some APIs simply screen scraping outdated systems.


In addition to Finxact’s servicing, configuration and management screens, banks and their partners access Finxact’s Core as a Service with 100% Wide & Deep APIs for faster and less costly integrations and customization.


Top Level Interface and Orchestration:

Finxact Core APIs : Coarse grained business functionality and interfaces

Bottom Level Connectivity:

Finxact Model APIs : Fine grained RESTful CRUD and query access







Core APIs : Coarse Grained

Finxact’s Core APIs provide RESTful API access to Finxact’s Core as a Service banking and business functionality.  These APIs provide banks and their partners with highly configurable, extensible and reusable objects that include, Orders, Holds, Transactions, ACH, Customer, Party, Account, Position, Transactions, etc.  Finxact also provides transparent deep access to underlying component objects for customizing behavior of such things as Fees, Interest, Term and even those components that define these objects such as Day, Time, and Time Zone.


Model APIs : Fine Grained

Finxact’s Model APIs provide CRUD and query level RESTful access to Finxact’s Core as a Service persistent data objects (security permitting).  Using Finxact’s Model Driven Design (click here for more), banks and their partners can extend our models to create new data structures and APIs, all automatically documented and code-generated.


240+ Coarse & Fine-Grained Position-Related APIs

(Positions are discrete from Account and Product objects).  Position APIs include 60+ Posn_fees and 40+ Posn_notification APIs, plus; interest, limits, etc.

A World Of Ecosystem Partners

API Driven Integration

Finxact’s Core as a Service is a modern digital system of record made 100% accessible via an API-first design.  This enables banks to quickly integrate, change, and modify anything in their stack.  No longer are banks bound by silos of coupled systems requiring maintenance and modifications when changes are made elsewhere.

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Leading the Way

The Future of Banking is Open APIs

Finxact is the first core banking vendor the join the Open API Initiative and embrace Swagger. The Open API Specification (formerly called the Swagger Specification) is a RESTful API making development, maintenance, and integration faster/cheaper/easier through automated documentation of resources and operations in a human and machine readable format.

Swagger is the worlds largest API community with thousands of contributors including IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, MuleSoft, and Google.

The standard Finxact has embraced is the connecting glue between modern architectures, making integration faster, maintenance trivial, and increasing ROI for your development and operations.