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Finxact’s Core Servicing Platform

Finxact’s Core Servicing Demo provides access to the actual, live – Core as a Service.  The Servicing Platform allows bank employees create and manage; customers, parties, accounts, and positions.  Additionally, you will be able to post, adjust, and search transactions. See more details and find links to other demonstrations below:

Finxact's Core Servicing Platform

Finxact’s Core Servicing (powered by Savana, one of Finxact’ ecosystem partners) is one of Finxact’s user interfaces into its Core as a Service. Core Servicing is available at no charge to all Finxact customers. This set of screens allow customer service reps and bank personnel to work with the bank’s Customer, Party, Accounts, and Positions.  For example, you will be able to create and modify customer accounts that have previously been established by the financial institution. For banks that need to originate accounts with OFAC, KYC etc., Finxact has pre-integrated ecosystem partners.   This demonstration is a subset of the customer and account related servicing features available in Finxact’s Core as a Service. Click Here To Schedule A Demo

Finxact's Bank Architect Screens

Finxact’s Bank Architect is one of Finxact’s user interfaces into its live Core as a Service. The Bank Architect is like a product factory, allowing product managers and bank personnel to create and modify bank products such as deposits, loans, and credit products.   But Bank Architect is more than just a place to create and manage products, it is also where you will create and modify your GL, as well as Finxact’s many components such as interest, fees, matrices associated with each. Click Here To Schedule A Demo

Savana nGage - Account Servicing Platform

The nGage Account Servicing platform allows customer service reps and back-office bank personnel to create, modify, search, and see histories for Finxact’s customer, party, account and positions.  Similar in function to Finxact’s Core Servicing screens, but Savana’s nGage adds enterprise workflow, enabling complex customer and account processes such as complaint handling, case management, and exception handling. Additionally, the Customer Document Vault integrates correspondence and communication services. Click Here To Schedule A Demo

Apiture Digital Banking

Apiture is integrating their mobile and online banking offerings with Finxact’s Core as a Service.  Banks can rapidly deliver and customize their customer experience with account aggregation, bill payment, mobile deposit, etc. Click Here To Schedule A Demo

Mobile Earth Mobile Branch front-end to Finxact's Core as a Service

Mobile Earth has integrated its mobile branch and online banking solutions into Finxact’s Core as a Service.  Click below to schedule a demonstration of Mobile Earth’s tablet solution.  To see a live demonstration on your own tablet, Mobile Earth can also provide access to their tablet app in the Apple App store. Click Here To Schedule A Demo

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