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Finxact Core as a Service White Paper

Learn more about a new approach to core banking and how Finxact’s Core as a Service platform is the foundation for the next generation of banking.

Finxact Company Brochure

Download the Finxact company brochure for an overview of our new approach to core banking, the Finxact Core as a Service solution, our partner ecosystem, and how Finxact’s founders are using over 35 years of experience in banking innovation to revolutionize banking again.

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Pillars of Core Banking Conversion Evaluation

The core should be the growth engine for your bank and therefore needs to be evaluated beyond the narrow lens of legacy criteria. In this data sheet, learn why openness, extensibility and elasticity are the pillars on which you should measure a new core banking system.

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Model-Driven Architecture

Extensibility is the ultimate in future proofing. Modern design allows banks to rapidly and easily modify the Finxact Core as a Service with proprietary functionality. In this data sheet, learn more about how Finxact’s JSON Schemas enables banks to modify and add components, data elements, generate new APIs, and create or enhance most system objects.

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Core Extensibility

To accommodate the potential velocity of changes required in a core system, the Finxact core is designed to be ‘functionally elastic’. In this data sheet, you can learn about how the Finxact Core as a Service delivers a unique ability to accommodate broad and flexible configuration out of the box with custom authoring features with the ultimate in core extensibility.

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