Core as a Service

A modern approach to core banking

Finxact uniquely delivers a cloud-native Core as a Service, enabling banks to quickly innovate new products, services, and economics – without technology upheaval.

Our Core as a Service model is consumption-based and built for speed, providing an agile and cost-effective platform for banks to develop and get to market faster – from the largest conversions to narrowly scoped product launches and new digital brands.

Why Finxact?

Finxact has built the only real-time, cloud native core banking system of record with a 100 percent accessible open banking API that meets the scale, performance, and regulatory requirements of the largest US financial institutions.

We achieved this by focusing on the most crucial component of the core abstracted from ancillary functions such as mobile banking, unified communications, branch, item processing, and statements – providing maximum flexibility for innovation.

See how Finxact’s modern core can future-proof your organization.

The Finxact Core is cloud-native and built without layers of legacy technology, making it globally accessible, highly scalable, and cost effective.

  • Containerized applications designed to deploy into an elastic and resilient cloud to ensure operational continuity
  • SaaS delivery model will reduce capital costs, infrastructure costs, development costs, and maintenance costs

The Finxact Core enables true real-time, customer-centric banking.

  • Ultrahigh performance transaction processing engine ensures high integrity (ACID) at elastic scale
  • Transactions always-in-balance
  • End-of-day reconciliation and batch processes are eliminated

Finxact’s temporal database allows the context around any historical transaction, event, or application occurrence to be re-created as of an instant in time.

  • Provides “as-of” time indicators to recreate granular views into an actual event or potential event
  • Enables 100% real-time, as-of any date/time position states for straight through non-stop processing, without cutoffs or offline operations

The ‘C’ in CRUDL stands for Create. And we do mean Create. Extensibility is the ultimate in future proofing. Modern design and novel engineering allows banks to rapidly and easily modify the Finxact Core as a Service with proprietary functionality.

  • Modify and add components, data elements, generate new APIs, and create or enhance most system objects using Finxact’s JSON Schemas
  • Provides custom authoring features for a bank’s proprietary functions and extensions
  • Build upon Finxact’s API library and reuse our components or your own creations

The Finxact Core is an expansive financial services model that encompasses thousands of banking functions exposed as API endpoints.

  • All banking functions and core transaction data available via RESTful APIs
  • 100% wide and deep APIs for faster and less costly integrations and customization
  • RESTful JSON web services provide access to Core APIs for discrete business functions and Model APIs for CRUDL level access to data objects

Get Started with Finxact

A path to continuous innovation

Finxact’s Core as a Service provides banks with a platform for innovating and migrating while evolving at their own pace. Launch a digital-only bank. Test new products and services. Convert your legacy core. Innovate how you want and when you want.

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