Ready Your Bank for the Future With Finxact Core as a Service

Today’s banking customers are evolving at the pace of technology. For banks trying to adapt, legacy core technology poses a challenge. The Finxact Core as a Service moves banks beyond legacy systems to a new, modern banking platform that supports innovation at any scale and at any pace.

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Launch a Digital-Only Bank

A bank’s digital-only initiative can be a meta-strategy for core transformation. It provides a platform for acquiring new customers, while simultaneously creating an innovation lab for the bank where the potential of a next-gen core can be tested, its economics understood, and its potential as the go-forward core for the bank assessed at a level that only a production environment could make possible.


Launch a New Product or Product Suite

For banks that wish to achieve similar outcomes and learnings as those gleaned from launching a digital bank, but don’t have the marketing budget needed to support the new brand, a smart approach is to narrow the scope to include only the launch of a new product or product bundle. This allows the bank to test a new value proposition against a new market segment, while getting acquainted with the next generation of core banking.

Hollow-out the Legacy Core

Many midsize and large banks have over time developed their own core and acquired ownership of any timeline associated with its modernization. With that comes the ability to chart a path to core transformation that is incremental; line of business by line of business. This process of hollowing-out the legacy core allows the bank to innovate new products alongside their existing core, while migrating their legacy accounts over time with less risk and cost.


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