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In the mid-90s, Frank and Mike Sanchez, and their company, Sanchez Computer Associates introduced the first “real”, real-time core banking solution, and early customers included the Internet banks of Citibank, Bank One, ING, and American Express, among others.

Their success was reflected in the company going public in 1998, and then being acquired for $184M in 2004 by FIS, the largest financial services provider in the world.

Now, after years with FIS and other Fintech companies, the Sanchez brothers were asked once again to help the industry with a “fresh approach – and now”. Over 150 years of combined financial technology experience in just the leadership team alone gives Finxact the innovation, reputation, and capability to succeed, so its customers can succeed.

Founder | CEO

Frank Sanchez

Frank Sanchez boasts four decades of financial technology experience with numerous success stories throughout his career. Prior to his current role, Mr. Sanchez served as the co-founder and CTO of the digital bank Zenbanx, which was acquired by SoFi for approximately $100M in 2017. Mr. Sanchez also served as a President of Enterprise Banking and Retail Solutions of Fidelity Information Services Inc (NYSE: FIS) from 2007-2011 and global head of R&D from 2005 on.

Mr. Sanchez joined FIS after the Company acquired his previous bank software company, Sanchez Computer Associates (NASDAQ: SCAI), for $184M where he was the co-founder and CEO for 24 years. At Sanchez Computer Associates, Mr. Sanchez was the chief architect and developer of the industry’s first and one of its most successful core banking systems, which operates across hundreds of financial institutions around the world and is recognized as an industry leading banking platform for direct banks.

Mr. Sanchez also served as a board member for payments system provider, TSA/ACI (NASDAQ: ACIW – payments system provider), global technology and consulting services provider, Covansys (acq by CSC), and electronic payment systems software provider, TSA.

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Founder | President

Michael Sanchez

Michael Sanchez currently serves as Chairman and CEO of Savana, Inc., a fast-growing business process automation company serving the financial services marketplace. Mr. Sanchez has led Savana, Inc. for eight years, providing banking, mortgage origination and mortgage servicing for some of the largest financial institutions in the industry.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Sanchez served as the President of International Divisions of Fidelity National Information Services Inc (FIS) (NYSE: FIS), where he led significant growth during his tenure. Prior to FIS, he was the founder and Chairman of Sanchez Computer Associates (NASDAQ: SCAI), a leading global supplier of core banking systems, which went public in 1998 and was acquired by FIS for $184M in 2004.

Co-Founder | Chief Product Officer

Deborah Kovacs

Deborah Kovacs has over three decades’ experience in financial services and bank technology, having been part of product leadership at companies including Akcelerant (now Temenos), Ardmore Banking Advisors, InvestorForce, and CashEdge, which was acquired by Fiserv in 2011 for $465M. Prior to this work, Mrs. Kovacs served 12 years as the SVP of Product Management and Development at Sanchez Computer Associates (NASDAQ: SCAI).

Co-Founder | Chief Technology Officer

Jim Joyce

Jim Joyce has over two decades’ experience working with financial technology companies. Prior to Finxact, Mr. Joyce served for two-and-a-half years as Zenbanx’s VP of Software Engineering, seven years as the SVP of R&D and as VP of Architecture, Usability, and Tools for Fidelity National Information Services Inc (FIS) (NYSE: FIS), and four years as the Director of Corporate Solutions for Sanchez Computer Associates (NASDAQ: SCAI).

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Co-Founder | Chief Marketing Officer

Dan McKinney

Dan McKinney has been involved as an investor and operator, launching and managing technology products and services, for nearly three decades.

Mr. McKinney’s two decades of venture fund experience includes co-founding NextStage Capital, and serving as vice president and officer of Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE). McKinney’s investments include a P2P mobile payments company, mortgage origination software company, investment data services, and bank infrastructure companies. Prior to NextStage Capital, Mr. McKinney served over 10 years as a banking industry marketing & sales executive for IBM, where he developed a global IBM partnership with Sanchez Computer Associates, and was instrumental in launching numerous financial services initiatives including bill payment, internet banking, and auto lending platforms. Mr. McKinney was also a CPA with KPMG.

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Co-Founder | Vice President Engineering

Dylan Phillips

Dylan Philips is an experienced Fintech technical architect. Before joining Finxact, Mr. Philips served as the VP of Enterprise Integration and as a Technical Architect for Savana Inc. Previously, Mr. Philips served as a senior DoD Consultant with Microsoft, and a Technical Architect at Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida where he architected a $2 billion rating platform. Mr. Philips also served as an Architect for CVE Corporation (ComputerCheque / LML Technology), where he re-platformed the 9th largest credit card and check verification system, which processes 72.1 million annual transactions worth $4B.

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Chief Information Security and Compliance Officer

Sadh Akella-Mishra

Chief Information Security Officer with a decade of banking risk management and compliance

  • Former Chief Compliance Officer Geoswift – Chinese cross border payments

  • Former Senior Manager General Compliance Ripple – enterprise blockchain global payments

  • Former Chief Compliance Officer Zenbanx – Mobile multi-currency bank

  • Former Regional Head, Anti-Financial Crime-Fraud Deutsche Bank – 17th largest bank in the world.

Senior Vice President Services

Jan Frymyer

Twenty-five years implementing and servicing core banking and ancillary systems.

  • Former Senior Vice President Client Services Nymbus – led BPO, call center, product owner/product management and Client Success
  • Former Vice President, PMO Fiserv – led implementation of flagship core banking and related products
  • Former Vice President Open Solutions / Fiserv, Client Service – organization of 300 core people, support & implementation of core and ancillary products, training, documentation, consulting and operational compliance.
  • Former IT Director Riverbank America
  • Former Project Manager at Newtrend/MISER
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