Dylan Phillips

Software Development is a funny career.  It is a mixture of Art, Science, Business and Team Dynamics.  But after a while you start to see patterns, patterns in systems reflected in software, society and nature.

That’s what Finxact is to me.  The opportunity to build one of the most important patterns of all.  The heartbeat of human material satisfaction.

I still remember discovering the theories of utility.  Utility the basic unit of an economy, the measure of material satisfaction for an individual human.  That was when I fell in love with economic theory as the circulator system of societies’ material satisfaction, and currency as it’s red blood cells.  Without currency economies only function through barter which inefficiency bleeds utility.  With currency utility is preserved at the price of security.  To preserve security at economies of scale, banks provide the vault for their customer’s utility.  And using this central repository of utility, they can help their customers grow their wealth and help society create new ideas that will foster even greater shared utility.  To me it is a beautiful pattern, like a musical groove, rhythmic, flowing in motion.

But like our own bodies, not everything in the system is there to play by the rules.  Infectious disease is always trying to usurp the system.  Trying to finds ways to steal the collective utility.  But the beauty of nature accounts for this with immune subsystem.  White bloods cells constantly flowing, looking for anti-patterns.  Protecting the system from invaders.  Preserving the system.

30 years ago the Sanchez brothers built the core banking system that has become the dominant economic circulatory system.  The opportunity to be part of the team that creates the next generation of that system is simply the most exciting opportunity of my career.

I’m not here for the money.  I’m not here for the tech.  I’m here because this is cool.  This is real.  And it affects everyone.