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Recent improvements from the Console Team make life even easier for our partners. Below, Finxact Director of Software Development Kyle Fox shares the latest updates.  Okta Login The Console team has been working…

Blog | Platform Updates Kyle Fox | Director - Software Development, Finxact
January 27, 2023

Interview with Jim Joyce, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Finxact CMO Christopher McClinton recently caught up with Finxact Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Jim Joyce about the company journey, lessons learned, and what the future holds for both Finxact and the CTO…

Blog | Industry Insights Christopher McClinton | CMO
January 11, 2023

Expectations & Experiences: Fintech Adoption

One of the longest-running surveys of its kind, Expectations & Experiences provides insights into consumers’ evolving behaviors and preferences for how they manage and move money. Each quarter, The Harris Poll…

Blog | Industry Insights Fiserv | Summary Presentation of the Quarterly U.S. Consumer Trends Survey
December 8, 2022

Finxact Co-Founder Frank Sanchez joins Tearsheet Podcast

Frank Sanchez, vice chairman of Fiserv, and co-founder of Finxact joined the Tearsheet Podcast to discuss the promise and challenges with next generation cores, how fintechs are leveraging them in pushing open finance…

Podcast | Industry Insights Frank Sanchez | Co-Founder, Finxact and Vice Chairman, Fiserv
August 12, 2022

The Future of Retail Bank Branches: A Balancing Act

While the number and size of bank branches are diminishing due to cost rationalization, mergers and acquisitions, and increased digitization, the role that bank branches play should not be underestimated.

Blog | Industry Insights Gearoid Power | CEO, Antuar - Banking Software for Retail Branches
July 27, 2022

Talking Finxact & Fiserv GTM Progress with Frank Sanchez

Finxact joined Fiserv in April. Here is an update from Finxact CEO Frank Sanchez on our joint go-to-market progress to date.  

Video | Platform Updates Frank Sanchez | Co-Founder, Finxact and Vice Chairman, Fiserv & Christopher McClinton | CMO, Finxact |
June 16, 2022

The Convergence of Cloud Computing and Core Banking

Cloud computing has transformed most sectors of commerce over the last decade while banking remained a holdout, especially for mission-critical core workloads. But no longer. Learn more about the convergence of cloud…

Video | Industry Insights Frank Sanchez | Co-Founder, Finxact and Vice Chairman, Fiserv & Yolande Piazza | VP Financial Services, Google Cloud |
June 9, 2022

Creating an Open Ecosystem for Banking Transformation

Finxact co-founder and Fiserv vice chairman, Frank Sanchez, recently sat down with David McIninch, Head of Next Generation Solutions at Fiserv to discuss a range of topics including the key requirements of a NextGen…

Video | Industry Insights Frank Sanchez | Co-Founder, Finxact and Vice Chairman, Fiserv
June 1, 2022

Coming Soon: The xtnsbl Podcast

As part of the launch of xtnsbl, Finxact’s content hub, we are creating the xtnsbl Podcast. The podcast will feature the Finxact team, our partners, our customers, and industry insiders as we look to provide new…

Podcast | Industry Insights Christopher McClinton | CMO
May 25, 2022

Welcome to xtnsbl

Hi, folks. I’m very pleased to introduce our new media and content hub, which we are affectionately calling xtnsbl. That’s a URL friendly term derived from the word ‘extensible’ which is used in computing to…

Blog | Industry Insights Christopher McClinton | CMO
May 24, 2022

Meeting Bank-Grade Requirements for Real-Time and Resilient Core Banking with Finxact on AWS

Blog | Partner Ecosystem Mark Kampf | VP of Technology
March 8, 2022

KBW Fintech and Payments Conference

Video | Industry Insights Christopher McClinton | CMO
March 4, 2022

Core Banking in the Cloud

Video | Industry Insights Frank Sanchez | CEO, Finxact and Vice Chairman, Fiserv
February 24, 2022

Multi-Position Real-Time Core in Action

Check out this demo performed on a live instance of a Finxact Core. Everything from Account Origination, Automatic Savings, Rewards, to BNPL… enabled by two API endpoints. Imagine what Finxact partners and clients can…

Demo | Platform Updates Cooper Thompson | VP, Innovation Center
February 10, 2022

Finxact and Fiserv to Accelerate Digital Banking Transformation

Dear Finxact Clients and Prospective Clients: I am excited and honored to share with you that Finxact will be joining Fiserv to accelerate innovation in banking by combining our formidable and highly complementary…

Blog | Platform Updates Frank Sanchez | CEO, Finxact and Vice Chairman, Fiserv
February 7, 2022

Enabling Early Settlement

Q: What’s cooler than getting access to your payroll deposit ahead of schedule? A: Building the tech that makes it super easy for banks to extend that benefit to customers! Check out this next short video in our…

Demo | Platform Updates Amanda Mathis | SVP, Product
February 6, 2022

Introducing the Finxact Product Launchpad

It’s way easier to design and deploy new innovative products on the Finxact core than on any legacy or competitor product. No Code. No Fuss. Come see for yourself in this video with Finxact SVP of Product, Amanda…

Demo | Platform Updates Amanda Mathis | SVP, Product
December 16, 2021

Core Extensibility

A sign of a good enterprise software product is that it can be completely customized by a customer to meet their business needs. You can’t spell customer without custom after all. Our core extensibility features…

Blog | Industry Insights Steven Zyglowicz | Technical Fellow
October 19, 2021

Enabling Analytics with the Finxact CaaS

The recent trends in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics have shown that the market is adopting the concepts at rapid speed. Industries have been shifting from a “nice to have” outlook to a…

Blog | Platform Updates Cooper Thompson | VP, Innovation Center
September 22, 2021

Credit Suisse 4th Annual Virtual FinTech Conference

Video | Mike Sanchez, President | Christopher McClinton, CMO
August 11, 2021

Making Core Modernization Manageable

Hear from Levvel’s FS&P Senior Director, Fred Fuller; Ryan Victor, CRO of Finxact; and Tim Mills, SVP, Emerging Payments Strategy of Regions Bank, for a webinar exploring how FIs should approach core…

Video | Partner Ecosystem Ryan Victor | Chief Revenue Officer
June 8, 2021

How Fintechs Around the World Are Innovating with AWS

Video | Partner Ecosystem Jim Joyce | CTO
May 21, 2021

Accelerate Your Bank Toward an E2E Digital Transformation

Video | Partner Ecosystem Bob Minkus |
May 28, 2020